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Theories of children’s training points out to spend no more than 40-50% of the training time for teaching strict aikido. So there is a need to skillfully connect teaching aikido with comprehensive development of the kids. However, “comprehensive training” must be selected and adjusted to a particular kind of activity. For Martial Arts including aikido it is sensible to choose various joyful forms of “fight” focusing on the child’s development of nimbleness, relaxation and fast valuation of constantly changing situations - rather than to apply long and boring monothematic aikido trainings.
As I see it, such a form of trainings has a much better effect for the psychical and ethical side of the children’s personality and, at the same time, gives them plenty of possibilities in aiming their targets what helps them also in their everyday life.
The combination of recreation and the whole aikido sphere gives children measurable advantages. Speed, nimbleness, flexibility and additionally respect to others, a bit of discipline and humility – and we get an ideal fusion of body and spirit.
During my trainings I try to implant in our kids certain habits that can shape their growth and evolution, respect for other people, understanding, tolerance, self-control and cooperation.

Aikido Instruktor
Monika Swiniarska

Translation by M T J Gostomski

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